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I.A.M. Training recognizes two of the most powerful qulaties of the human being. Your ability to use the power of imagination to deeply envision an experience, and your ability to Create what it is you are envisioning.

This inspired the idea to create realistic Chiropractic training equipment that aids in the expression of your creativity. With the detailed anatomically correct axial skeleton, durable stitching, and bendable joints this real feel Chiropractic training tool allows for deeper visualization for a quality training experience.


Train attention, Train intention, Train Chiropractic


step one

The dummies do not come stuffed. After ordering there will be a link provided for the stuffing, or you can purchase the stuffing with the link above.

step two

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Unbox dummy and stuff it to your liking. We recommend using less stuffing for the legs and arms, and more in the pelvis and torso.

step three

Train Your Art

This journal calls upon the bold and the courageous, serving as a testament to the sacred trinity of chiropractic. Keep track of your evolution, for it is in the regular updating of your entries that the most potent results are found.


Founded upon boundless ideas, this journal transcends limitations to become a platform for active learning and inspiration for profound insights. Whether you're at seminars, clubs, or the solitude of individual questioning, it provides an inclusive space where students and Doctors can deepen their understanding of the Art, Science, and Philosophy of Chiropractic.


May this journal not only be a place of personal wisdom but also a transformative force within the lives of those who choose to embrace its offerings. Welcome to your Chiropractic Art, Science, and Philosophy Discovery Journal.

Chiropractic Discovery Journal

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